Create open-source products for the future of the AEC Industry with the 2017 AEC Technology Hackathon!

Join CORE studio of Thornton Tomasetti, Inc. for the 2017 AEC Technology Hackathon! This event is organized for programmers, web developers, and AEC experts to collaborate on novel ideas and processes for the AEC industry and beyond. The Hackathon aims for attendees to learn new skills, generate new ideas and processes for the AEC community through data-driven design and customized applications.

The 2017 AEC Technology Hackathon Challenge is focused on bringing in libraries and technologies from cross-industry sectors to result in an open-source application made relevant for the AEC community.

This event is in coordination with the 2017 AEC Technology Symposium and Hackathon. For more information on the full three-day events, visit our website.

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$1,000 in prizes

Various Prize Choices! (2)

How to enter

All hackathon attendees must be pre-registered to participate in the 2017 AEC Technology Hackathon.

Pre-register HERE for the Hackathon and other events in coordination with the 2017 AEC Technology Symposium and Hackathon.


Ray Daddazio

Ray Daddazio
Thornton Tomasetti

Ung Joo Scott Lee

Ung Joo Scott Lee

Friederike Schuur

Friederike Schuur
Fast Forward Labs

Richard Sarrach

Richard Sarrach

Greg Schleusner

Greg Schleusner

Judging Criteria

  • Awesomeness (50%)
    We are looking for techniques that no one has ever thought of. Are you providing a good solution to a new problem?
  • Open-source/collaboration (20%)
    We encourage you to develop an app that can easily be used by others. Does it live on GitHub/ bitbucket? Is it open? Rather than reinventing the paperclip, did you leverage other great techniques that already exist?
  • Teamwork (20%)
    We encourage you to have colorful teams. As such we will give points for teams that are not solely formed of coworkers. After all, we want to use this time to make new connections too.
  • Learning (10%)
    Which technologies/ APIs/ products/ methods did you use, that you did not know before?